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At LION Community Enrichment Programs, Inc., we take care to provide our clients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. For more information about our programs and program scheduling, please fill out the contact form below or visit our Contact page above.



Stay Kool is an intensive program for young males of all ethnic and cultural heritages who are 12-15 years of age.

Stay Kool utilizes research and evidence-based interventions to assist young men in increasing assertive behaviors, while reducing negative aggressive behaviors. Through exploration of the A–B–C–D cognitive process, errors in thinking models, and the cycle of anger, youth come to understand the destructive cost of anger, and the short-term gains vs. the long-term consequences of negative anger outbursts.



The Adolescent Healing and Socialization of African American Males (AHSAAM) program is an effort to assist young men 16-18 years of age in the healing and resolution of the effects of childhood trauma.

AHSAAM offers young African American adolescent males the opportunity to take a very hard and in-depth look at their lives. The program takes them through a very intensive process and helps them arrive at a place where they are able to use critical thinking skills and an honest approach to how they make decisions. The program is designed to assist youth in the further development of introspection.


Transcending Adverse Childhood Experiences (TACE)

The purpose of the TACE program is to heal the mother/child bond and promote resiliency in children who have experienced/witnessed domestic violence through education, support, and age appropriate practices to overcome the negative effects of those experiences. LION recognizes the trauma experienced by both the mother and the child, and the impact domestic violence has on the critical bond between them. This program provides the tools and support necessary to rebuild that mother/child bond. Through this process, children regain a sense of safety, trust, respect, support, and love with their mother.

TACE is a 12-week educational healing group for children of African American enslavement dissent. The group meets two times per week for a total of three hours per week. Participants are introduced to topic areas presented in age appropriate language and concepts to promote healing. The mothers/caregivers of children involved in the program have six support and information sharing sessions and are involved with their children in three multi-family educational healing groups.


Women’s Integrative Transformational Healing (WITH)

WITH is an integrative mind-body-spirit healing model developed to work with women of color in the St Cloud community. The target population is African American women of lower socio-economic standing who have experienced severe traumatic events. WITH enhances the quality of care to participants through individualized healing treatment planning, healing circles, education, and

evidence-based tools that foster resiliency. WITH provides education in mental health, nutrition, and traditional healing and western medicine techniques to improve overall well-being. This integrative program strives to make whole the mind-body-spirit connection that is often lost during adverse life experiences.

The WITH program is funded through The Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation.



Black Men’s Work is an introspective development program for African American males between 19-25 years of age.

The Black Men’s Work program focuses on self-development. As they work through the program, young men gain a sense of their own history and the actions and decisions that put them in the legal system. The young men explore their personal values, principles, and beliefs. In addition to gaining awareness of their personal history, they explore the history and culture of African Americans. Young men improve critical thinking skills and gain the confidence to work through challenging situations without giving up. They gain an understanding that they have to participate in relationships in order for them to be viable. The young men gain an understanding of community involvement by participating in leadership development opportunities. They are exposed to ways to manage finances and explore the opportunities for a higher education path. Ultimately, the young men learn to look internally to find answers instead of looking externally to place blame. They learn to take responsibility for their role in each situation.

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