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the development of African American youth for future roles


individuals and communities working together to achieve the greater good


adopting a positive attitude about what can be


all children and individuals provided the space to heal and develop


Two Lions

Lion Youth & Community Services, LLC

is a community-based mental health counseling agency located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Established in 2012 by Kenneth Hanna Jr., the agency promotes the healing and socialization of youth and communities of color with a focus on increasing self-assurance and self-reliance.  Strengthening these qualities among all individuals builds the foundation for thriving families and communities.


In 2013, owner Kenneth Hanna Jr. realized a need in the community to address mental health problems among children, adults, and families of All Ethnic and Cultural backgrounds through individual counseling. He also noticed the value and potential impact of more comprehensive community-based social services and the integration of mental health counseling. For this reason the non-profit organization Lion Community Enrichment Programs, Inc. was created.


Lion Community Enrichment Programs, Inc.

is a 501c (3) nonprofit corporation, established in St. Cloud, Minnesota in July, 2013.  The new nonprofit provides group counseling and community-based services for clients of all ethnic backgrounds with an emphasis on people of  color in the St. Cloud, Minnesota region to augment efforts to build a strong and thriving community.


Lion youth & Community Services, LLC - Individual and family counseling.


Lion Community Enrichment Programs, Inc. - Group counseling and community based services.

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