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Foundation Support Group

Importance of Interdependence

Lion Youth & Community Services, LLC recognizes that people do not function alone. At Lion we believe in interdependence, “/the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other”. Lion’s child and adolescent services serves children to young adulthood but recognize that the youth have family members and other caring adults who are affected by their decision making. Lion, facilitates a group for these caregivers. We recognize the need for the youth to have a strong foundation that is able to support them as they progress through the therapeutic process



The Foundation Support Group is offered as a multi-family Education and Support Group. The groups are open to all caring adults involved in the life of children involved in the child and adolescent services. The groups will meet monthly for 1.5 hours. The group will at times invite guest speakers to present on or address a variety of topics to further understand family child relationships. The group is non-judgmental and is intended to be a self-directed group with a Lion staff present.




Families* will have a safe place to share feelings and support each other. Families will be exposed to alternative ways that other adults interact with their children. Families will gain an understanding of family dynamics and their impact on a youth’s perspectives and behaviors. Family members will gain an understanding of youth developmental stages, the importance of peer influence and the need to be accepted and belong. Ultimately the objective is for families to understand the importance of Interdependence. Young people still need caring adults in their lives to give advice, they are watching and listening to the way adults make decisions and manage situations, and interact with all people.


*Families: as defined by Lion Youth & Community Services includes blood relatives and fictive kin.

Please contact Lion Youth & Community Services, LLC for date and times of the next group.

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